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Nan has a very calm and clear presence. Her meditation instruction is well balanced in education and instruction. I highly recommend her meditation classes!

-Dawn C.

I have been friends with Nancy for 28 years!! She is one of my favorite people on the planet and I know a lot of people!! She became a Reiki master a while back and I always wanted to go, but something always happened! I was having an issue on my right side for about 5 years, I have had more tests then you can imagine and was always told they didn't know what it was and wanted to do more tests and procedures!! I decided to go to Nancy and see if it worked. I am a skeptic by nature. This has changed my life!! I have been throwing up and suffering for 5 years!! Since my two sessions, the pain is gone and I haven't gotten sick since!! It has also changed my attitude and general happiness!! PLEASE CHECK OUT!! She ROCKS!!

-Denise S.

Nan is a kind, patient, spiritual leader. Her guided meditation is exactly what I need. My only wish is that she did this every night because I sleep great!

-Suzzanne C.

Nan is wonderful.  I have turned to her many times for spiritual guidance and healing.

-Cecelia L.

An amazing experience. Self care at its finest. Highly recommend.

-Amanda R.

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